As a Davis Vision member, you can now sign up for the College Tuition Benefit!

Davis Vision

How it Works

CTB works like a scholarship program. You earn Tuition Rewards® that can then be used at participating colleges or universities across the nation to offset the cost of a four-year undergraduate education. 90% percent are ranked among “America’s Best” by U.S. News and World Report.

What members can expect from CTB

Members who register for the program earn 2,000 Tuition Rewards annually upon plan renewal, plus a bonus of 2,500 Tuition Rewards in year four. The longer the subscriber is a Davis Vision member, the more Tuition Rewards can be earned. In addition, 500 Tuition Rewards are given to each sponsored student. One Tuition Rewards point is equal to a $1 guaranteed minimum discount of the full tuition price.

Tuition Rewards point represent a guaranteed minimum scholarship; they are not redeemable in hard dollars. Member colleges and universities may blend (include) or stack (add) Tuition Rewards with other financial aid offers.

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Get a step closer to your college savings goals.
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Tuition Rewards can be used at SAGE Scholars network of over 450 colleges and universities nationwide.
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Employees can sponsor children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, godchildren, and extended family.
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Employees earn Tuition Rewards every year they are part of the CTB program.
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